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The Best Beginner Fitness Program

The Best Beginner Fitness Program l www.destinationfittraining.ca

My very new personal training clients have one common complaint with online fitness programs.  While the internet is filled with great fitness options, these tend to revolve around advanced movements. The internet also provides a plethora of fitness programs if you specifically suffer from a certain ailment. Exercises that focus…

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10 Minute Workouts: Are They Enough to Get You Fit?

10 minute Workouts- Are they Enough: www.destinationfittraining.ca

10 minute workouts are quick, heart pumping workouts that have grown in popularity because they solve one of the biggest problems you face….. A lack of time. But are 10 minute cardio routines really beneficial? Or do they promise more than they give. Firstly, all exercise is beneficial, that’s the…

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How to Keep Your Fitness Motivation This Spring:

Spring Fitness motivation l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Spring is one of the best times to begin your fitness journey, the weather is changing, summer is approaching and you start to feel more energized. Stepping outside for a quick walk or an evening stroll makes exercise way more desirable. While taking the initial push towards a fitter lifestyle…

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4 Surprising Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis:

4 Surprising Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis l destinationfittraining.ca

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density and strength that leaves the bones porous, brittle and easily breakable. This leads to debilitating bone fractures in later years that risk a good quality of life. At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer…

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Home Fitness VS. Gym: Which Will You Choose?

Home Fitness Vs. Gym Fitness l destinationfittraining.ca

It’s time to get started on your new fitness program but you’re not sure what to do. Should you work out at home or in a gym? Both have great advantages depending on your needs. Here are just some of the pros for in home and in gym workouts. This…

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