Personal Training Incentives Program


Wouldn’t it be fun to reach your fitness destination, feel fabulous and vibrant AND receive a reward for you efforts?

Rewards Include:
Spa services: Facials, Microdermabrasion, pedicures, manicures
One hour Therapeutic Massage
One Night stay at Niagara on the Lake
Supper Works gift card
Private Wine tasting evening for 4
Whole Foods gift baskets
And many other exciting options

Choose between one of the three categories below. You and your trainer decide on your unique goal, the time it will take to get there and the reward you wish to receive. If you hit the goal in the time you decided upon, the reward is yours!

Healthy Me If your goal is to feel good and feel healthy, then this may be the perfect option you. This measurement based program provides nutritional counseling, resistance and cardio programs that are designed to help you lose inches, tone up and feel great!  An achievable goal is tailored to your before measurements and after possibilities. Try Healthy me because there is no greater gift than good health (and a massage to celebrate your achievement!)

Fit and Fabulous:   Fit and fabulous measures your beginning cardio level, strength level and overall movement patterns. Studies demonstrate a significant level of improvement if you stick with a fitness regime for as little as 6 weeks! Nutritional counseling, cardio programs and strength and functional training will be provided to help you reach your Fit and Fabulous objectives.

5K beginner challenge: All you have to do is sign up for a 5 k event, show up and then finish it! Strength training, running and nutrition for endurance will be incorporated into your program to ensure that you make your fitness goal successful.  Look forward to a reward for your hard work

Did we forget something?  Perhaps you have your own idea for a health or fitness goal. Let us know and we will do our best to make it a rewards option for you.

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