Your Journey to Great Health includes Nutrition!

 Nutrition should be as unique to you as your lifestyle. We help you find a solution that fits!

Effortless meal options:

When you have a busy life, eating right seems like one extra thing to add to your plate. Destination Fit creates easy to follow meal plans tailored to your specific lifestyle. You become actively involved in changing and adapting your meal plan until it becomes an effortless part of your lifestyle.

Destination Fit - we'll help you understand how to buy and prepare the right foods as part of a balanced nutrition plan
Destination Fit - you don't have to give up your favourite foods - we'll help you understand nutrition so you can make smart food choices!

Creative recipes & indulging in guilty pleasures:

You know what to eat but sometimes you indulge. Whether it’s that piece of chocolate, that salty potato chip or a glass of wine Destination Fit will identify your indulgences and help you create a plan of action that incorporates healthy alternatives or healthy quantities of your guilty pleasures.

Behaviour modification:

Stress, boredom and fatigue are common reasons why we eat. Destination Fit can help you figure out your food triggers and guide you towards solutions. You will learn how to savour food flavours without using food as a coping mechanism

Destination Fit - people make poor food choices when things get tough - we'll help you include good nutrition as part of your fitness and wellness goals



  • Personalized consultation
  • Log a food diary for 3 days to one week.
  • Receive a customized plan based on your unique needs


Nutrition planning is included in all personal training packages. Call us today for you free consultation (647)233-7827

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