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Since I began in the fitness industry 9 years ago I’ve been asked by almost every client  why I don’t sell Fitness products that I highly suggest my clients own.

Truthfully, I just didn’t know how, and when offered by a few different companies, I didn’t trust their brand. They also wanted me to buy copious amounts of product that I`d feel enormous pressure to sell.. and a pushy sales person is NOT why i got into fitness.

I want to create a healthy positive change in your lives, which is why, If I don’t believe in a product, I Will Not put my company or my name behind it! 

Well, after 9 years I’ve finally found a way to get you  in home fitness products, and healthy living products that I trust. I can easily research the products and test them before I offer them to you.

They’ll be shipped to you, emailed to you(if it’s a book, magazine etc) and brought right to you in your home.  Yay!

So without further ado, here is the list of  trusted In Home Fitness products I truly believe in:

Stability Ball With Anti Burst 

The Stability ball is one of the best  pieces of in home exercise equipment. Great for core toning, increases balance, and is light and easy to store!
The Wheel: 

Crunchless tummy toning exercises are the best way to strengthen your core. This piece of equipment adds intensity to the plank in a new way.

12 piece bodylastic bands & More!

Exercise bands are the most convenient pieces of fitness equipment to use.  Take them anywhere! The tension sculpts your muscles.


Muscle Knot Relief balls:

Healthy living includes soothing tight sore muscles after a workout. These balls release tension in that one specific spot.

Foam Roller:

Iron out muscle knots over a  greater area. It feels as though you`re receiving a deep tissue massage.

Yoga Mat With Strap:

This yoga mat is so convenient to carry with it`s  very own carry strap. It`s roll up feature makes it easy to store anywhere!

Dumbbells All Sizes:

If you`re not sure what weight`s best for  you get  a few different sizes. These rubber dumbbells keep your floors scuff free!

Tone Fitness Dumbbells:

The hourglass shaped dumbells allow for easy gripping. This helps makes exercises easy if you`re brand new to fitness.
Cap Barbell goes up to 40Lbs:

You will be stronger! it`s inevitable. Usually clients increase weights fast at first.  This dumbbell set provides everything you need to increase weight up to 40lbs.  It`s in an easy to store case  too!

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