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It’s time to get started on your new fitness program but you’re not sure what to do. Should you work out at home or in a gym? Both have great advantages depending on your needs. Here are just some of the pros for in home and in gym workouts. This may help you decide:

Pro In home fitness:

You Feel At home:  If you feel intimidated by the gym, training at home is the best option for you. After all, gyms have their very own gym culture. There’s usually a token man grunting, a size zero with makeup, and a bunch of intimidating machines you know you’ll look ridiculous trying. At home exercise gives you the privacy to work out without eyes watching you. These days there’s an abundance of premade at home workouts right online. They break down the exercises and have you feeling confident in no time at all. After all, if you feel comfortable you are much more likely to stick with your fitness program for many years to come.

Save a lot of time: get up, workout, hop in the shower and go. In home fitness is the most time sensitive way to get fit. New 5 and 10 minute workout options make in home fitness even more desirable for the busiest of people. Let’s face it, when you head to the gym it becomes a long process. You shower, you drive, you work out and drive home and who has that sort of time to spare. Get out of bed first thing in the morning and get your workout done. With in-home fitness it’s that simple.

Focus on functional exercises: It is so easy to sit on a piece of fancy gym equipment and pump out a set of 15 repetitions. Machines definitely have their advantage, but if you use them all the time your body never trains for real life movement patterns. When you train at home, the best piece of fitness equipment you’ll use is your very own body weight. This teaches the body to move with ease, increases mobility and makes life much more fun to live.

Go at your own pace: there’s so much pressure to work out hard and look committed when you’re in a gym. A quiet yoga class becomes a silent competition between you and bendy girl in the background who twists like a pretzel as you strain to keep up. Sometimes your inner voice that tells you you’re pushing it too hard gets muffled when you’re surrounded by others, because you feel competitive, you feel self-conscious or you try just a little too hard. Finding a quiet space to exercise at home allows you to remain focused and listen to your inner self. You have the ability to push yourself a little further and pull back if you’re not ready for the next level. The end result is a steady progression towards your fitness goals without strain or injury.

It’s free: Even the low cost fitness facilities add up to approximately $300 a year. This doesn’t include towel service or specialty fitness classes. Of course you’re charged even if you take a week off. That makes gym fitness an expensive endeavour. The most cost effective way to get fit is to train at home. Your body weight is all that is needed for a full body, fat burning routine. If you do choose to spend a bit of money, in home fitness equipment ranges from five dollars to two hundred dollars but lasts for many years to come. All you need is a set of resistance bands or a few free weights and you’re good to go.

Pro gym:

The Machines: In the last few years fitness machines have gotten a bad rap. They don’t allow the body to move freely and they tend to work in one plane of motion (i.e up/down, push/pull). But everything fitness has its pros and if you’re brand new to fitness, for the first while machines can become your best friend. They teach you the basic movements associated with resistance training with greater control. After all, the machine has a pre-planned trajectory that it guides you through. This makes it much easier and more straight forward than learning free body moves that are less stable and may feel unsafe.

Train heavy with more rest in between: While the majority of people are simply looking to get fit, some want added strength. One easy way to do that is add more weight to your routine. While functional fitness (the most common form of in home fitness) has its tricks to create strength, they require more time and concentration. For easy strength gains the best approach is to add more weight and greater rest times in between your sets. Gyms are filled with a wide variety of pulleys, weight plates and dumbbells making them the best place to exercise for strength gains.

There’s always someone to help: when you don’t know proper exercise form, or perhaps you get yourself in an awkward situation, at home, there is no one to ask for help. One reason gyms work so well is there abundance staff ready to help you at any second. They can even break down an exercise move you may be struggling with or catch you when your form may be causing more harm than good. Staff members are fully trained to take care of you at the drop of a hat.

You get in the mindset to work out: Some studies suggest that a change in environment is one of the best ways to instill a change in human behaviour. When your gym is your home, you may not be able to get in the mindset to workout. When you show up to the gym you’re surrounded by loud music, workout enthusiasts and a wide selection of fitness classes. This makes you more likely to get motivated and finish your workout.

Whether you choose a gym or an in home fitness program, the most important thing is that your choice fits your lifestyle and makes you feel comfortable. Both options are great depending on your specific needs.

Do you prefer in home or in gym fitness?

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