Fight Stress With The Best Holiday Workout:

Stress Free Holiday Woman l

Exercise blasts stress away and leaves you feeling calm so you can focus on the things that matter most during your holiday season.

Take 10 minutes and do this work out. It’s guaranteed to fill you with holiday cheer.


speed skaterhttpfreshbodyfitness.comwp-contentuploads201112speed.jpg

Speed skater 1 minute:
• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Arms by your sides.
• Lift right foot up and hop to the right.
• Land on your right foot.
• At the same time lift left foot and bring it behind your right leg.
• Swing left arm across body and right arm behind back.
• Repeat by jumping to the left and then right continuously







Reverse lunge arms with arm raise 1 minute: Overhead lunge Exercise l
• Begin with your feet shoulder width apart.
• Step your right leg back.
• Bend your left leg into a 90 degree angle and bend your right leg too.
• Raise your straight arms overhead.
• Bring your right forward again (to starting position) as you lower arms down.
• Repeat with the left leg. Continue for 1 minute.






                                                                                                                                     One leg deadlift 25 reps each leg:
• Stand up tall stomach tightdeadliftnoweight l httpwww.fisiobrain.comwebwp-contentuploads20131216.jpg
• Stand on your right foot. Bend your right knee slightly to protect the joint.
• Tip from the hips and slowly lower your torso as far as you can.
• At the same time as you tip, lift your left leg behind you so its parallel to the floor.
• Pause, then stand up straight again in starting position
• Keep your abs tight during the whole movement.
• After doing 25 repetitions on your right leg, do 25 repetitions on your left leg.





Frog jumps 1 minute: Frog-Jumpshttpwww.justin5mins.comwp-contentuploads2014075-Frog-Jumps-Exercises.jpg
• Begin with your feet shoulder width apart.
• Sit all the way down to the ground and place both your hands right in front of you. (option: if you cant touch the ground choose to go as low as you can).
• Jump off of the ground.
• Land and sit all the way down again.
• Repeat.







Bent over fly (25 reps)
• Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart,
• Bend over tipping from the hips. Keep your back flat. Your knees are slightly bent.
• Place palms together as if you were clapping.
• Separate palms away from each other and raise your arms out toward the sides.
• Keep your elbows slightly bent. At the end of this movement, your palms will be facing down and your arms parallel to the ground.
• Return to start position.




Invisible jump rope 1 minute: invisiblejumprope l httpwww.my10minutesaday.comuploads2768276839091862203.jpg
• Place your feet together. Palms out as though you were holding the handles of a jump rope.
• Hop up staying on your toes
• Push off the ground with the balls of your feet .
• Make small circular movements with your wrists as you jump.



Modifiedside plank with leg raise l httpgetbootyfit.comsitesgetbootyfit.comfilesimagecacheworkout_full_widthworkout-imagesModified-Side-Plank-.jpg





Side plank with side leg raise 25 each leg:
• Lie on your right side with bottom leg bent and top leg straight.
• Place the bottom forearm on the ground. Elbow under shoulder.
• Lift your right side and hip off of the floor. Weight distributed between the forearm and the side of your knee.
• Raise the top leg up into the air and squeeze your butt. Lower your leg.
• Do this 25 times and then repeat on the other side.









Lying leg extension: 25 each leg:

•Lie on your back, legs straight.
• Lift your right leg up in a quick yet controlled movement. Contract your abs at the same time
• Lower your leg slowly.
• Do 25 times on your right leg and then repeat on your left leg.




Stretch it out and enjoy the rest of your holiday stress free! 


Disclaimer: Consult a physician before starting any exercise program. If you choose to do this or any workout without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any injuries you might sustain. It is your responsibility to warm up properly and cool down after your workout. Do not attempt any exercise you are not capable of performing. Stay within your fitness level.

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