Everything Exercise is Great!




I being an avid runner am constantly bombarded by strength gurus that warn me about the evils of endurance training. What we must remember is that every form of exercise is beneficial for your health.  Cardio elongates your left ventricle and allows longer rest time before your next heartbeat,reducing heart rate and possibly increasing your life span.  Resistance training strengthens muscles and creates force in your heart. Yoga increases blood flow, flexibility and is touted to increase happy hormone levels in your body. Mix and match these exercise types for added benefits!  At the end of the day we are all working together for the common goal of good health and wellbeing. Everything exercise is great in moderation and it boils down to individual preference and objectives. So get up, put on your running shoes, dancing shoes, no shoes at all and get moving!!  remember that the best form of exercise, is any exercise at all!!!

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