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Exercise Tips During Your Period:


Bloating, aching, mood swings and fatigue! These are all symptoms of our monthly visitor.  Perhaps you’ve been on your fitness regime a while, yet when your time of the month rears its ugly head you seem to relapse into habits of binge eating and little to no exercise. When it’s…

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Quiz: how much Cardio should I be doing in a day?


Time is such a constraint for so many of us hard working, family oriented individuals.  Exercise is often the first item to be crossed off the list.   Yet many of us understand how truly important fitness is for our health.  I am often asked: When you’re just too busy to…

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Everything Exercise is Great!


                           I being an avid runner am constantly bombarded by strength gurus that warn me about the evils of endurance training. What we must remember is that every form of exercise is beneficial for your health.  Cardio elongates…

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