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The Best Beginner Fitness Program

The Best Beginner Fitness Program l

My very new personal training clients have one common complaint with online fitness programs.  While the internet is filled with great fitness options, these tend to revolve around advanced movements. The internet also provides a plethora of fitness programs if you specifically suffer from a certain ailment. Exercises that focus…

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5 Steps to Be Your Own Personal Trainer:

5 Steps to Be Your Own Personal Trainer l

Personal training is a truly inspirational way to help you lose weight and create a better quality of life. Personal trainers keep you on track, they hold you accountable, motivate you,  all the while you create a concrete connection with someone who is a true support system…. but there’s one…

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10 Minute Workouts: Are They Enough to Get You Fit?

10 minute Workouts- Are they Enough:

10 minute workouts are quick, heart pumping workouts that have grown in popularity because they solve one of the biggest problems you face….. A lack of time. But are 10 minute cardio routines really beneficial? Or do they promise more than they give. Firstly, all exercise is beneficial, that’s the…

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5 Minute Beginner Stability Ball Workout:

5 Minute Beginner Stability Ball Workout l

Stability ball workouts take your tummy tightening to a whole new level. The lack of stability engages your core with every movement as your muscles contract to keep you balanced. The Stability ball  can also be used to work the inner part of your abs (the transverse abdominis). These muscles…

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How to Keep Your Fitness Motivation This Spring:

Spring Fitness motivation l

Spring is one of the best times to begin your fitness journey, the weather is changing, summer is approaching and you start to feel more energized. Stepping outside for a quick walk or an evening stroll makes exercise way more desirable. While taking the initial push towards a fitter lifestyle…

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5 Tricky Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer:

5 Tricky Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer l

Finding a personal trainer that’s right for you can be hard work. After all, the personal training industry is still fairly new, making it an ever changing and sometimes confusing process for you to find the right fit. While many articles explain what questions you should ask a perspective personal…

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How To Get Fit With Arthritis: Part 2

exercise with arthritis

Don’t let arthritis stand in your way. In this second part of How to get Fit With Arthritis you’re given a step by step exercise program that’s safe and effective to do with your arthritis symptoms. In fact, it may reduce your pain and stiffness, giving you the best quality…

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How to Get Fit With Arthritis: Part I of 2 Part Blog Series

How To Excercise With Arthritis l

If you have arthritis and you want a step by step plan to get healthy without any fear of hurting yourself, then this two part blog post is perfect for you. The first post gives you all of the most up to date information on arthritis and breaks down the…

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4 Surprising Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis:

4 Surprising Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis l

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density and strength that leaves the bones porous, brittle and easily breakable. This leads to debilitating bone fractures in later years that risk a good quality of life. At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer…

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