5 Tricky Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer:

5 Tricky Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Finding a personal trainer that’s right for you can be hard work. After all, the personal training industry is still fairly new, making it an ever changing and sometimes confusing process for you to find the right fit.

While many articles explain what questions you should ask a perspective personal trainer they don’t explain how to word the question in order to truly understand if your trainer will be perfect for you.

Here are five Tricky questions you should be asking your personal trainer and why:


How long did your certification process take you?

University and College Certified Personal Trainers l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Personal Trainer length of Education is key!


Asking a prospective personal trainer if they are certified isn’t enough, the truth is anyone can get certified in less than two weeks.

The lack of regulation in the fitness industry has allowed an abundance of big corporations and businesses to open up certification processes that take no time at all.  In short, Anyone can become a Personal Trainer.

Much like your physiotherapist, massage therapist and chiropractors, a personal trainer holds an incredible responsibility to keep your body injury free and make you healthy, so the length of your personal trainer’s certification matters.

What you should look for: Find personal trainers that have a background in health and fitness. University and College degrees in kinesiology, fitness lifestyle and health promotion take anywhere from 2-5 years to complete. They provide a profound understanding of your body movements and your health.

If they do have a weekend certification, ask them what courses they’ve done to enhance their knowledge, to ensure your body is in good hands.


Do you sell supplements or provide me with a pre-made nutrition plan?

Be aware of Personal Trainers that sell supplements l www.destinationfittraining.ca

If your Personal Trainer sells supplements…Run!

If your prospective trainer says “yes”, run the other way.

Personal trainers are not nutritionists. They don’t have educational experience or a background in prescribing supplements or meal plans.

So why do trainers sell supplements? For some they may truly believe the product works because they have seen the results for themselves. They lack the understanding that your body is very different than theirs.

Others use supplement selling as a way to increase their income, making profit if you buy.

Truth be told not all supplements are created equal, not all products do what they claim and the long term effects of some products are still unknown.  Your body could become less healthy by using them. The complete opposite of what you wish.

What you should look for:  Good trainers collaborate with Registered Holistic Nutritionists, Nutrition Advisors and Registered dietitians. They get general meal plans made by these nutrition professionals, ones that match the profile of their client.  They could also contract out to the nutrition professionals for your very own specialized meal plan.

For your optimal health, if your trainer does offer supplements or a meal plan ask them what credentials they have to do so.  Nutrition certifications, degrees and the term “registered” should be among your trainer’s response.


Do you provide in depth fitness testing?

get a fitness test l www.destinationfittraining.ca

your Personal Trainer should provide in depth fitness testing

A great trainer doesn’t provide a fitness demo until they’ve given their client an in depth fitness test.  While both a test and a demo can be rolled into one complimentary session, the demo takes second place to testing every time.

Fitness tests give personal trainers an in depth look at your current fitness abilities and any imbalances they need to correct. While imbalances be of lesser priority to you than weight loss or toning, it’s important that your trainer understands what’s happening in your body in order to prescribe exercises that will get you to your goals faster, safer and more effectively.


What to look for:  Make sure to ask your trainer what the Consultation process looks like. Make sure a fitness test is included. This should be made complimentary to you with no charge at all.  This way during the testing you can also decide if you mesh well with your trainer.


Can you provide Testimonials from someone just like me?

before and after  destination fit client l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Personal training testimonial


It’s great if your trainer is top in the industry with testimonials from most prestigious athletes around, but do they have testimonials that serve clients just like you?

When it comes to personal training, exercises differ based on age, goals and gender.  If your Personal trainer doesn’t have testimonials from people just like you then they won’t be able to provide you the results you’re looking for.

What to look for:  Pictures aren’t necessary, especially if you’re one of the many that are too shy to pose (after all you’re looking for someone just like you), but the age and the background of the client is important. Their story could sound different, but their profile is similar.


Do I get a good feeling?

connection is key with your Personal Trainer l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Connection is key!


Within five seconds of meeting someone, you’ve already decided whether you feel comfortable with them or not. While the initial consultation procedure can make you feel shy or intimidated, your potential personal trainer should be able to put you at ease, answer your questions and provide a zero pressure ambiance to let you choose if they’re right for you.

What to look for:   If your hearing lines such as “if you don’t commit now you’ll gain more weight later” or, “this offer will end when I leave the room” then it’s probable this trainer may not have your best interests at heart.

Take the time you need to find that good feeling. A trainer that makes you feel at ease, that listens and that provides good knowledge is key.


Getting a personal trainer can be a life changing wonderful experience. Finding the right fit will get you to your goals and create a wonderful connected relationship with your trainer.

When you ask the right questions to find the right trainer, you’ll create a healthy injury free body for years to come. 

Are there any other questions you think you should ask your trainer?


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