5 Minute Beginner Stability Ball Workout:

5 Minute Beginner Stability Ball Workout l www.destinationfittraining.ca

Stability ball workouts take your tummy tightening to a whole new level. The lack of stability engages your core with every movement as your muscles contract to keep you balanced.

The Stability ball  can also be used to work the inner part of your abs (the transverse abdominis). These muscles are especially important for pulling the stomach in and giving your tummy a flatter appearance. They also help reduce back pain as these muscles connect with the spine and  support the back.

The stability ball takes your tummy workout to a whole new level!

Not only will a stability ball workout give you a toned stomach, it also helps with balance (which reduces our risk of falling as we age).

Lastly, mothers of all ages(whether your children are fully grown or your expecting) this is the best type of workout for you. Exercises on the stability ball can help tighten loose pelvic floor muscles, making another delivery easier. These exercises also reduce incontinence and even helping increase pleasure in the bedroom.

Here to get you started is a super simple 5 minute Beginner Stability Ball workout  and see how it takes your regular workout to a whole new level!

Pelvic Clocks on The Stability Ball:

pelvic clocks are great for warming up and connecting with your body.

Kegels incorporated into this exercise work the deepest portion of your pelvic floor. Usually the flexion during kegels(the sensation of holding in your urine mid way through your bathroom break) is the most spoken about exercises to help your pelvic floor, but it’s just as important to work the muscles that help you go to the bathroom (the push out the urine muscles). Just like any muscle group you work every angle for muscular balance.

Pelvic Floor Clocks With Stability ball

  • Sit on your stability ball. Feet flat on floor and hands on hips.
  • Using your hips and pelvic muscles gyrate in a circular motion.
  • Make sure your upper body remains still. Only your hips and pelvis are moving.
  • As you gyrate the ball forward, flex your inner pelvic floor muscles (the sensation of holding in your urine midway through your bathroom break).
  • As you gyrate the ball back slowly push out (as if you were going to the washroom).


Bridges on The Stability Ball:

Bridges work your tummy, tighten your tush and help increase balance. Make sure you feel comfortable sitting on the ball first before you give this exercise a try. Lying down on the ball adds an entirely new element of balance as your proprioception (the understanding of where you are in relation to your surroundings) shifts to a whole new position. 


bridge on stability ball l

  • Start by sitting on the ball.
  • Slowly inch your legs away from your body as you simultaneously slide down the ball.
  • Lift your tush high as you continue to inch forward until your head and upper back are supported by the ball.
  • Once in position  inhale as you slowly lower your tush to the ground.
  • Exhale as you push into the ground with your heels and lift your tush back up.
  • At the top of the position you should resemble a table. your stomach is equal to your chest and legs are at a  90 degree angle.
  • Repeat the up and down of your tush 15 times. Then relax.


Crunches on the Stability Ball: 

This is the most popular stability ball exercise for your tummy.  Many say they feel a vibration or multiple tummy contractions while doing this exercise. That’s how you know you’re activating a multitude of stomach motor neurons. In other words, you’re activating more muscle fibres than a standard crunch can do. 


Stability Ball Crunch l www.destinationfittraining.ca

  • Lie back on your stability ball so the small of your back (your low back) is supported by the ball.
  • Place your feet against a wall for added support.
  • Exhale as you lift your shoulders up. Your low back remains in contact with the ball.
  • Hold for 2 seconds then relax.
  • Repeat 15 times.

Inner Thigh Squeezes:

While this exercise tightens your inner thighs, it also works your internal abs as well! As you relax your legs, make sure you also relax your abs.

If you find it hard to keep your balance while seated on the ball, this exercise can also be done on your back with the stability ball in between your legs. 

squeeze stability ball


  • Straddle the ball. One leg on either side.
  • Sit up tall and balls of feet on the floor.
  • Exhale as you squeeze your thighs into the ball. Simultaneously kegel in)
  • Squeeze for 5 seconds and release tension in legs and stomach.
  • Repeat 15 times.


Hamstring Curl:

During this exercise your abs engage to keep you steady while your tush, and the backs of your legs to the work.

  • Lie on your back with your hands by your sides
  • Place your heels on the stability ball with knees bent.Push your heels into the ball as you lift your tush off the ground.Stability-Ball-Hamstring-Curl
  • Extend your legs straight.
  • While your tush is still elevated bend your knees and bring the ball back to starting position.
  • Repeat 15 times.

If you find this exercise too difficult to keep the tush raised the whole time. Drop your tush to the ground after straightening your legs and bring the ball back to start position.


These exercises are the foundation of stability ball strength. Once you feel comfortable with these moves, you can move on to intermediate.



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  1. Tara Woodruff | April 28, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    This is WAY awesome!! Stability Balls are amazing And this will definitely get a person off on the right foot!!

    • Alicia Jones | April 29, 2015 at 5:11 am

      Thanks Tara! I’m so glad you like stability balls! they are one of my favorite pieces of equipment too!!! 😀

  2. Felicia White | April 28, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Ooh, these exercises are terrific! So super helpful as I’ve been looking for simple ones to begin with and so this is perfect! Thanks again for sharing such value to help us all be our best, healthy selves.

    • Alicia Jones | April 29, 2015 at 5:09 am

      Anytime at all! 😀 . If you need more ideas let me know and I can post more! 😀

  3. Hannah V. | April 30, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Awesome exercises and so thoroughly explained! Love the stability ball :)


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