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Destination Fit is a mobile personal training company that creates healthy lifestyles. Complete packages include exercise and nutrition that will help you increase your energy, tone and define and make movement fun so you enjoy life the fullest!

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What our members say

 Kathy and Rob
Kathy and Rob

What a difference a year can make! Alicia's knowledge, personality and passion are making a significant difference in my strength, health and happiness. Alicia brings her professional training and understanding of body mechanics to tailor a fitness journey to best meet my goals and needs. Within a fitness session, she is able to adjust the program to respond to physical concerns.

Alicia's positive attitude and focus on success is infectious. She is able to gauge my mood and energy level to keep me motivated. Alicia looks at the world and sees success. Small physical gains are celebrated while she continues to raise the bar.

Alicia is able to see that fitness entails engaging the whole person. She organizes many events, such as bowling, CN Tower climbs and Dragon Boating, which encourage the development of social networks and celebrations of success between all members of her team and clients.

Alicia has a penchant for bringing out and supporting the best in all people. She looks at overall health and puts all of her limitless energy into helping people succeed with their personal goals. Sun Salutations to all! Kathie


I never thought that I would look forward to exercising until I started training with Alicia. I have tried many exercise programs through the years from joining a gym (which I never would go to) to buying equipment that ends up gathering dust in the corner of a room. After having Alicia come to my home for almost 2 years now, I have gone from hardly being able to get up off the floor to (almost) running on the treadmill! Alicia's training in Kinesiology enabled her to devise an exercise program specifically for me and my body's challenges. Having her come to my home was a big excuses!

Whenever I would get frustrated with myself while trying a new exercise, she would break down each movement and before I knew it I had mastered the new routine. Her joy and enthusiasm has given me the confidence to know that even though I am not where I want to be yet, I am better than where I used to be.

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